suitable for Aristo, Summa, bullmer, Mimaki, Roland etc.

Our knives are made of high-quality carbide and therefore guarantee a long tool life and flawless cutting results. Convince yourself of our quality!

Drag knives

For foil, cardboard, carpet and composite materials

Drag knives are mainly used to cut hard and tough materials. Double-sided knives do usually have a longer durability, as the cutting edge is more stable.


Oscillation knives

For carpet, leather, foam and composite materials

Oscillating knives are mainly used for soft and fibrous materials.
Pointed Oscillating knives are used to cut small radii and fine contours.
If the materials is fibrous, an Oscillating knife with a flat, additional cutting edge is recommended.


Rotation blades

For cutting of different materials such as textiles, glass fibre, PE

Rotation knives are used for fibrous materials. Due to the 10 segments, a constantly rotating will cut through all fibres and will cause a proper cutting result.


Special knives

For plastic, foil and a wide range of other materials

We manufacture special knives, adjusted to your individual requirements.

Put you challenge into our hands!


Re-sharpening service

The possibility to reduce your costs
Depending on the type of knife, a blunt cutting edge can be re-sharpened.

click here for more info on our re-sharpening service

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